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Blanchard’s Braces has treated a wide array of orthodontic issues. The images here are all before-and-after photos of real cases treated by Dr. Steven Blanchard.

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Dental Tooth straightening treatment

Class III/Underbite

On the left, a patient presented a Class III/anterior underbite. On the right, after 11 months of orthodontic treatment, the underbite was resolved..

Anterior Open Bite

Anterior Open Bite

On the left, this patient had an anterior open bite (teeth did not overlap in the front). On the right, after 24 months of treatment with orthodontics, his teeth now overlap.

interceptive orthodontics

Phase 1/Early Interceptive Treatment

On the left, this patient presented with a complaint of crooked upper front teeth. Because she still had lots of primary (baby) teeth left, she was not ready for comprehensive treatment, but they elected for limited/early treatment.

On the right, after 8 months of limited treatment, her incisors were aligned and retainers were placed to hold them until she is ready for the full treatment.

Tooth straightening

Class II/Overjet and Overbite

On the left, this patient was severe Class II with excess overjet (upper teeth in front of the lower), excess overbite (upper teeth covering the lower teeth vertically), and an impacted lower canine.

On the right, after 29 months of orthodontic treatment including the forsus appliance, her excess overjet and overbite were corrected and the canine was in the arch properly.

Crowding and Crossbite

On the left, this patient has crowding in both the upper and lower arches, left posterior crossbite (upper left back teeth inside of the lower), and minimal overbite/overlap of his front teeth.

On the right, after expansion with a palatal expander, extraction of 4 premolars, and 22 months of orthodontic treatment, his problems were resolved.

Crowding and Crossbites

More Crowding and Crossbites

On the left, this patient had crowding with crossbite of her upper lateral incisor (behind the lower front teeth), impacted canines, and narrow arches.

On the right, after 24 months of treatment with braces, her crowding was resolved, the crossbite was eliminated, and her canines and other teeth were aligned.

Teeth straightening

Crossbite, Open Bite, and Laser

On the left, this patient had a right posterior crossbite (right back upper teeth inside lower back teeth), crowding with displaced upper canines, and an anterior openbite (no overlap of the front teeth).

On the right, this is the same patient after 17 months of orthodontic treatment. The posterior crossbite is resolved, the canines are placed in the arch, and the openbite is eliminated.

More Crossbite, Open Bite, and Laser

Two months after this patient had her braces removed, she returned for a laser surgery to trim the excess gum tissue and lengthen her upper incisors, improving overall aesthetics. This photo was taken one month after the laser surgery.

Teeth straightening

Deep Bite/Excess Overbite

On the left, this patient was an adult with deep bite (front teeth overlapped completely). On the right, after 24 months of treatment, the deep bite was corrected.

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