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Up-to-date treatments from Blanchard’s Braces can take care of a range of tooth alignment issues, including classic problems like overbite and underbite.

Clear Braces & Aligners

Let us examine your mouth or the mouth of your family member to see how we can help! We will take the time to listen to your concerns and ensure that you are always informed regarding your treatment or the treatment of your child. We hope to be your choice for clear braces or aligners.

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Brace Treatments

Treating Deep Bite or Open Bite Issues

The patient on the left had a deep bite where their lower front teeth were not visible while their back teeth were biting together. This can lead to premature wear of the front teeth long-term. The patient on the right had an open bite where none of his incisors touched together.

clear braces

Tooth Crowding or Spacing Issues

The patient on the left has crowding resulting in some of his teeth being blocked out of his dental arch. The patient on the right had spacing in the upper teeth partly due to the small size of her lateral incisors.


Excessive Overject/Class II or Crossbite/Class III

The patient on the left had front teeth protruding several millimeters in front of her lower teeth, producing a Class II malocclusion. The patient on the right’s upper teeth were behind her lower teeth, producing what is commonly referred to as an underbite, which is often seen in Class III occlusions.


Impacted Teeth

The X-ray shows impacted (stuck in the bone) upper canine teeth. These teeth often require both a surgical procedure and orthodontics to bring them into the mouth and can often lead to resorption of the roots of adjacent permanent teeth, as is seen in this case.

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